First Full Week

In England by Eller Student

This week was my first full week of my internship; on Monday and Tuesday I went into the new, temporary office, which is actually the owner of the company’s home. Everyone at the company agrees that this is not an ideal work place but with everything going on with Miss L Fire right now there is no time to look for a new office. On Monday and Tuesday I spent most of my time working on the Miss L Fire and Shellys Facebook pages doing marketing. Shellys is another shoe company that the designer owns, but she is preparing to sell it to ALDO Corporation within the next week. Because they are selling the company they have all the shoes on sale and wanted me to promote sales in hopes of selling most of the stock before handing it over. I also had the opportunity to do inventory for Shellys to make sure everything matched up before the company was sold. My tasks on Monday and Tuesday were not that interesting but they allowed me to be creative and learn a lot more about the two brands. On Wednesday I had the opportunity to sit in on a meeting that prepared for the trade show that they are going to in Paris next week. This was a really cool experience for me, because I got to see the new line that is just now being manufactured for Spring/Summer 2014 and I learned a lot about the designing, manufacturing, and selling processes. I always new that creating and selling a shoe line was a tedious process but I didn’t know the extent of it. Hearing and seeing everything being planned and laid out for the trade show made me realize that no details can be over looked.