Changing Gears

In England by Eller Student

This past week of my internship has gone differently than the rest. In everything I come across in life, I try and keep a positive attitude. This week I found it very difficult to keep that positive attitude up in my internship. I will try my best to express why I believe I had these feelings.

I am a very structured and organized person, and I like everything handed to me in a structured manner. As I never really realized this could be a problem, now I understand it most certainly can. Jane, my boss, will come up with an idea or task she would like me to complete. As I am in the middle of editing one of her press releases, or writing up an info sheet on a destination for a client, she will come downstairs with a whole new idea or task for me. She immediately wants me to drop what she has previously asked me to do, and change gears. For me, this is very frustrating. I know this may not seem like an issue for some, but I get easily stressed out in situations where I am asked to accomplish one task before I have even been given enough time to finish the previous.

A situation like the one I have described above, I believe is a cultural difference between the workplace in America and the workplace here in England. In America I would be given a task, or multiple tasks, along with time to complete them. I do not think my boss would request more from me once I’m already in the middle of doing something.

Although this week has been frustrating, I have to understand that my boss might not work how I would prefer. Every week is not going to be a perfect week in the office, and that is perfectly fine. All in all, I am still enjoying my internship and learning so many things that I know will benefit me in the future.