The Incubator Culture

In England by Eller Student

After last weeks Internship Seminar class, and learning about all the various structures in which a business can be run, I tried to figure out where Attache Communications would fit in. After going back over the slides from class, I mainly came to a conclusion that Jane’s business is most similar to the Incubator Culture (fulfillment oriented). Meaning, personal and egalitarian with almost no structure. Although work does get done in her business, and she does leave her clients pleased with the work she has given them, I feel that there is not really a solid structure to her business. As I explained in my previous journal, she gives me various tasks and will just tell me to “be creative with it”. The slide from the power point on incubator culture explains that the “purpose is to free individuals from routines of self-maintenance to perform more creative activities”, and this is what I believe Jane wants me to do.

In my last journal I expressed my frustration as to how Jane was presenting tasks to me, in a very unorganized manner. This week, when I felt these situations were reoccurring, I politely told her my problem. I was very nervous I was crossing the line, and the last thing I wanted to do was insult her. Jane took my confrontation very well, and she said she will try and give me my projects in a more structured format. Regardless of how she handled my complaint, she is the boss and I am the intern, so I would have had to make it work either way. I am so happy that I expressed my feelings to her about this, because now going to my internship is much more enjoyable.