Communication and Organization

In England by Eller Student

This week Ryan and I were excited because we thought we had finally wrapped up our new debt recovery project.  This project took days of mind-numbing copying and pasting and we were thrilled to be done with it.  However, after we asked a question about one of the last members, Rohina looked over our excel sheet and noticed that we hadn’t put the written off loan amounts.  Thus, next week we need to back through the entire list and enter the amount of debt for each member.  I’m annoyed by the lack of communication and organization that our credit union has.  All staff members work in an individualistic synchronic fashion so that the department can move through its rather large case load quickly and effectively.  However, everyone has a different work ethic as well as perspective.  This variance leads to inconsistency in how cases are handled that I feel can be potentially unfair to the members.  As each person individually works on a case or project for its entirety, they don’t really communicate with others about what they are doing or what they want to be done.    While it’s great to have close knit work environment that trusts everyone’s decisions, I feel as though it takes away from actual communication and organization of the credit union as people just assume that everyone knows how to do everything.  I know that we would definitely make fewer mistakes, by everyone, if we had a more physical communication and thorough organization.