Free Time Project

In England by Eller Student

This week slowed down tremendously. All of the employees went to train again on Monday and Wednesday so I had nothing to do except help the few co-workers that were also in the office and since there were so few, the chances of having problems are far less. Being left with nothing to work on is definitely a hard thing to cope with at work when you feel as though you should be working on something. I suppose I have it better than most interns in the same position though because I am basically on-call with problems in the office where most would just sit there and try and find something.

To combat this situation I am going to ask my boss if there is any project I can default to when I have nothing to do. I think if I have something like that to work on in my free time then I will definitely feel better about not helping people constantly or asking my boss what I can do next.

Other than the lack of work it’s been great. The atmosphere is still inviting and more “fun” than any other office I’ve worked in. Getting to know the other interns has really helped with that. Both are around my age, but are from different places so it’s interesting to hear their perspectives on subjects and the way they think about certain things. The same could be said about my other co-workers, but most come from the UK so they all have a lot of the same views as each other, which is still interesting nonetheless.