Interview at Attache Communications

In England by Eller Student

 Samantha Robins

June 21st 2013

Journal Entry 1

My internship interview was scheduled for 10:00 in the morning on June 17th. As I have a terrible sense of direction, I decided to leave my flat at around 8:30 in the morning in order to give myself time incase I got lost. I arrived at 69 SandyComb about 30 minutes prior to my interview. I tried to prepare myself for any questions I might be asked from my interviewer. My nerves were high, because I felt this interview was going to be more difficult than one in the States. Opposite of my prediction, my interview went wonderful.

Jane Wilson, the founder of Attache Communications, was my interviewer and now my boss. My “interview” turned out to be much more like a conversation between Jane and I. We got to know a lot about one another just by our first conversation. She explained her whole company to me in great detail, making me so excited to be able to intern for her. Attache Communications is a Public Relations and Representation company, focusing on travel and tourism throughout many places in the world. Considering I am a communications major, I knew right away that this internship was the perfect place for me.

After my interview, Jane went over what my tasks as her intern would be. She informed me that the first week she would be by my side to help me with basic tasks, such as writing invoices for clients, emailing clients with information, and helping her get her business’ Twitter and Facebook up to date. After the first week though, I would start learning how to write press releases for clients. This is what I am really looking forward to.