What I Want to Pursue

In England by Eller Student

Samantha Robins

July 5th 2013

Journal Entry 2

The second and third week of my internship went just as well as the first. Usually every morning I arrive at Jane’s house at around 9:00 or 9:30. We typically chat and catch up with one another if there has been a break in between the days of me working, and then I begin by showing her work I have been asked to do the night before.

As I have mentioned in my previous journal entry, the first week of my internship included basic tasks like helping Jane out with Facebook and twitter. Now that I have a better understanding of what attache communications does, and how the company runs, I am able to take on more difficult tasks. For example, one of attache communication’s biggest projects right now is promoting West Virginia and Kentucky to the UK travel market. With this big project in hand, I assisted Jane by editing press releases on West Virginia. In addition to this, I gathered information on West Virginia and put together an attractive West Virginia Info sheet. Since Kentucky is a new client, Jane has asked me to gather information and photographs on the state and put this all together in a neat document. I have really enjoyed these projects that my boss has given me because it makes me feel like I am an important part to the company, not just some annoying intern.

As my time at attache communications has progressed, I have definitely realized that Public Relations is something I wish to pursue in my life. I don’t think I would do something in the travel field, like attache communications, but regardless of that, this internship is providing me with the experience I need for later on in life.