Credit Control Department

In England by Eller Student

After a successful interview with London Mutual Credit Union, I awoke both excited and nervous for my first day of work. I was concerned that I wasn’t fully prepared for my first day, but my worries proved unnecessary. For the majority of the morning I shadowed Sneha. She taught me most of the typical “dirty work” that is usually assigned to interns in a larger office. After hours of filing, copying, searching, and editing I began to get a grasp of the different aspects of the Credit Control Department.

My second day seemed to go by much more quickly than the first. I continued to learn some of the normal intern tasks. My responsibilities progressed into some database work that involved moving money from different accounts. It felt a little weird to transfer “real” money digitally from people’s accounts to pay off their loans. I continue to be the new guy that asks many questions, but luckily my questions are usually appreciated. Although I want to learn more about the different aspects of the credit union, I feel that as a new intern with only a five weeks with the company I shouldn’t really make demands as to what I would like to do.

My new workplace culture is much more relaxed and humorous than my first. Everyone works very hard, but there is definitely more of a “work moderately play moderately” culture. We get to joke around during our tea breaks and in the office, and it is true that the British humor is a little dry. I was surprised to hear a few of my superiors use profanity. In context it was funny, but I am wondering how prevalent this is in different work cultures around the world. Overall, I have enjoyed seeing a real office at work, with this being my first real office experience.