Eiffel Tower Culture

In England by Eller Student

My second week at the London Mutual Credit Union was much more rewarding than my first. Although my tasks continued to be of the “boring” variety, I am finally adapting to the office’s work culture. My workplace definitely has an Eiffel tower (rule oriented) culture, which makes the most sense when you are a bank that must follow certain policies and abide by government financial regulations. Details such as paperwork are crucial because when people stop paying their loans hard evidence is crucial when attempting to pursue prompt repayment. Even with the focus on structure and processes, the office displays glimpses of an egalitarian workplace. People discuss certain cases and loans across the room for everyone to hear. No one is afraid to ask another person for help, and an occasional joke is never looked down upon. My work place really gives me a “British” office experience, which I am grateful for.

As for what I actually did this week, I was still organizing files, copying-and-pasting from a database to the Debt Recovery Project excel sheet, and endlessly looking for loan agreements in a poorly organized document. On Tuesday I was tasked with completing the Direct Deposit update for the month. I reviewed cases of people not depositing money into their accounts and decided whether we needed to send them a letter. I was also given a “Payday Loan” project my Joan, the Finance Manager. It is still just copying-and-pasting, but it is nice to have a side project of my own to work on when I have brief “down time” during the day. On Wednesday I finally asked my supervisor Rohina if I could look at other aspects of the Credit Union. The result? I will be shadowing the payday loan manager Leann next Monday. It was a very solid week and I look forward to another good one.