Contemporary Furniture Design

In England by Eller Student

Kendal Glatthorn

London Internship

20 June 2013


Journal Entry #1

            My internship is with the contemporary furniture design company Lerival. They work with modern artists all over the world and provide furniture to large companies such as British Airways, Futruebrand, and other commercial companies. In my first week, I’ve had a lot of amazing opportunities to gain further insight into the world of interior and furniture design. On my first day, my supervisor, Dominique, gave me a bit of a crash course on their product lines. She had me compile a list of questions and comments that I had about the furniture they distribute so I can have the ability to answer customer and distributor questions. On my second day, I was able to use the program InDesign and work on updating their company catalog with the new products they’ve begun distributing. This was particularly fun for me because I’ve had a lot of previous experience on InDesign and I really enjoy using it. This also gave me the opportunity to better acquaint myself with the way the present the products and their prices. My third day was without question my most exciting day at work this past week. I was able to help Dominique do a table install at the company Futurebrand. We went to their office early in the morning to avoid disrupting them while they work and set up their new conference room. The install itself took a lot longer then I was anticipating because the table had to be installed and it was a bit confusing. This was definitely the experience I learned from most this past week. It taught me how to appropriately interact with our customers, what is expected from Dominique when products are ordered from her, and how to assemble a table.