Social Media Outlets

In England by Eller Student

Kendal Glatthorn

London Internship

5 July 2013


Journal Entry #2

            My second and third weeks at work allowed me to get a bit more involved in the business side of things. In my second week, I was able to visit one of our manufacturers where the stainless steel tables are polished. This is was exciting for two reasons. The first was that it is the same company the artist Anish Kapoor prefers to use so I was able to see a bunch of his unfinished art pieces before they are installed around the world. The second was that there have been a lot of issues with other manufacturing companies we use so I was able to see how an example of efficient and successful company. After talking to the owner, we are now in the process of switching all of our stainless steel work over to this one company. This was an invaluable lesson for my future work that if one company out there isn’t cutting it for what you need them to be doing, then there are always other options out there. This was also a prime example of paying a bit more money to go into the product so the people working on it are experts.


In my third week of work, I began working a lot of the company’s social media outlets. I’m now in charge of Lerival’s Pinterest and Tumblr accounts which takes up a great deal of my time. However, now I’m learning how companies want to market themselves to the public. At fist I would get really nervous about posting anything on either of these sites because what I posted would be how Lervial was presenting itself to the world. It took me a day or two to really understand that because we are a design company, the colors and items I posted had to look cohesive and could represent our company not only as a singular image, but as a whole look book. This has been the most fun for me so far. It has really taught me how I can’t just throw up any image but need to think about where I want to place it on my blog and which other images would best make the page as a whole a cohesive art piece. I plan to use this learning in my future so that I can market future companies and myself in a creative, unique way. It has taught me how crucial making a brand image for a company is and I plan on using these skills when creating my own professional brand for myself.