Life Abroad

In Spain by Eller Student

Realizing I only have two weeks left in Barcelona has been a hard reality to grasp.  Reflecting back on my last month and a half I can confidently say that this trip exceeded all of my expectations.  I have learned so much about all the different aspects pertaining to marketing and how to run a business, but more importantly I learned what it’s like to get to know the people I have been living with and those that I have been working with.

Everyone comes from different backgrounds and different stories, and having the opportunity to simply listen and learn a little something from every person has been the most meaningful part of journey here in Barcelona.  Every day and especially every weekend brings a new adventure.  This past weekend a group of us went to Pamplona to run with the bulls and it was by far the most intense and exciting 2 minutes of my life.  Being able to experience such an event with close friends easily made it my favorite weekend here in Spain.

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