Living the Life of a Hong Kong Local

In China by Eller Student

By: Chelsea Goergen


I never thought I would have that chance to say that I am a Hong Kong local. Living these past few weeks in Hong Kong has been indescribable. It is nothing that I had expected it to be. Though I look nothing like a local I have, no doubt, gotten the full experience of a local. Riding on the MTR, eating rice for almost every meal, visiting amazing places, and living the Hong Kong lifestyle has full emerged me into becoming a local. I can finally say that when I go places I know where I am going, I do not get lost and I can find my way around. I have learned what food is good and the places to eat. I have learned some phrases in mandarin and Cantonese, which I never thought I would be able to pick up on.

It was not until recently that I realized that anywhere I travel outside of Hong Kong that I am not considered a visitor, I am a resident. It is the strangest feeling to be considered a local when you have not lived in a country more than two months. Even though it is coming to an end, there will always be a part of me that will be a local in Hong Kong. This was an unforgettable trip and there is no words to explain how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to meet the people I did and travel to the places I did. This is not the last time I will be in Asia and definitely not the last time I will be in Hong Kong.