Global London

In England by Eller Student

Although I have been experiencing many cultural differences in my internship, I suspect that they are different than my classmates. This is because the two women who I have been working with are both Italian, and one of them has only been in London for a couple of years. Although they both speak English and have adopted many English traditions, such as drinking tea, they are still both clearly Italian. Often times they will speak to each other or on the phone in Italian because it is easier for them and they can better explain things to each other in their native language. They have also asked me to help them write of proof read emails of documents to ensure that the English was well written. These are not very drastic cultural differences but they do slightly alter my experience because it just goes to show how global London truly is. Another thing I was a little shocked by was that The owner of the company had the office moved to her personal home while she is out of the country. Even though it is just temporary and not ideal for anyone including herself, I find it refreshing that she trusts her employees enough to give them all full access to her home while she is gone, especially because one of them has only been with the company for a couple of months and I have not even met her yet. I’m sure this is not a regular thing for British people to do, but I feel like it is much more likely here then it would ever be in the U.S.