London Journal Entry #2

In England by Eller Student

I have three main responsibilities at my internship, press releases, blog entries and research. Press releases are short news articles that other golf related companies send to Golf Monthly to be published on their website. My site supervisor sends me what he receives and I then have to read the article, condense it by taking the “fluff” about the company out and sticking only to the story and post it on the website. Golf monthly uses a system called CMS to manage the content on their website, which is what I use to post press releases. Having this duty is helping me learn how to write press releases and how to use CMS which is a very important skill I can use in future jobs. Blog entries are almost the same as press releases, except I have no specific source of content to edit, it is all me. This is helping develop my creative writing skills, which is specially challenging given I have no background in golf. Research varies from day to day, but it is usually image research. Golf Monthly uses a website called to download images used in the website or the magazine. My research project which I work on whenever I have no press releases or blog entries to write is to help create a photo album for the site’s 100 Top Courses ranking. This is an extensive side project, but it is teaching me how to use gettyimages as well as have the initiative to decide which pictures are best for the album. I am grateful for the duties I have been assigned to conduct, and feel I am really contributing to both the company as well as my professional development.