London Sports Trust

In England by Eller Student

In the past week at London Sports Trust, I have been working on organizing the summer camps that the charity will put on. One major cultural difference I have encountered is the different sports that will be put on in camps in the UK as opposed to camps in the US. I have been a part of summer baseball camps at home in the past, however baseball and softball are sports that would never be offered in camps here. Similarly, camps in the US would never have sports like cricket offered because they are not prominent sports in America. Discussion about sports such as cricket and rugby also goes on a great deal in the office. Soccer is also huge here which is different than in the US where soccer is popular, but not as prominent as it is here.

One of the other cultural differences I have seen came in my organization skills. In order to map out the different camps and the staff members from LST that would be working them, I made a color coordinated calendar in order to make it easier to understand. One of my office mates scribbled one down on paper with the same exact information, but it was very hard to read and understand. My boss printed out my organized calendar and my office mate’s scribbled calendar and held to two up side by said and commented “this is the difference between American and British education.” It was cool to see that my work and organization was appreciated. Although a color coordinated calendar did not seem like much to me, it was quite impressive in terms of organization to them.