Similar to the Family-Run Model

In England by Eller Student

This week at London Sports Trust I made observations about which type of organizational structure the company has adopted. I have already observed that the employees work in a synchronic work environment in which they focus on the task that is at hand above anything else. This week I noticed that although it is not family run business, LST runs in a way that is similar to the family run model. My site supervisor is the main boss and everything runs through him. He assigns tasks to be completed at the start of each day to each of the employees and before any serious actions are taken, the boss is consulted. I have noticed that my boss also does a fair amount of checking up on the employees and their progress on their tasks. This is why I believe the company runs in a synchronic manner because employees focus on the tasks given and make sure they are completed before moving on to something else.

Working in this type of environment has taught me to be open to new styles of getting work done. It is at times frustrating because when I will be working on a task, my site supervisor will often times stop me to ensure I am doing it in the right format. I find it to be highly inefficient because a great deal of time is wasted when my supervisor checks up on my every move and does not give me the freedom to operate and get things done on my own. There is also a lack of organization because no set format is given in terms of completing any given task.