My first month at a close…

In Spain by Eller Student

Say it ain’t so!!! I have fallen in love with this city and yesterday I came to the sobering realization that I only have one more month left. I have done soo much here, but I have so much left to do. I have been shying away from doing “tourist” activities like visiting La Sagrada Familia, and instead wandering aimlessly around the city. I feel like this strategy has really opened up to what the true spirit of Barcelona is all about.

These past two weeks I have been on a couple adventures. I ended up going to Ibiza for a weekend, which was stunning. The island offers much more than just night life for those interested in going. This past weekend our Dream Careers group went to Carcassonne, France for an overnight trip! We went on a guided tour around the perimeter and church in the medieval walled city. It was so charming and very French! The next day we drove back into Spain to Girona, where we went to see the Dali Museum. It was honestly unlike anything I have ever seen.

While I am so devastated that my time here is halfway gone, I cannot wait to see what this final month brings. The friendships I have made are life-long and the things I have experienced are life changing. Goodbye for now, I have big plans for this next week!

Leaving for Ibiza with the lights of Barça in the background

Leaving for Ibiza with the lights of Barça in the background