New Experiences

In China by Eller Student

MTR-Hong Kong

Being from Orange County California and going to school in Tucson, I am not accustomed to taking a metro. Here in Hong Kong, I have to take it to work and back everyday. I also take it if I am trying to get somewhere else in the city. The metro here, called the MTR, is extremely packed everyday. I am not used to getting squished into a metro surrounded by a ton of people, but I am adapting.

Every Wednesday in Happy Valley there are horse races. I have never been to one in the United States, so I really wanted to attend one here. The stadium is rght in the heart of the city, and it is an amazing sight to see. The atmosphere is full of excitement, and it was an awesome experience to see my first horse race there. The neat thing about the Happy Valley races is that the proceeds go to various charities here in Hong Kong.