IT Experience

In England by Eller Student


I started work at Virtual Human Resources this week as the head IT employee. So far it has been an exceptional environment for learning and putting what I have learned in the classroom to use in the workplace. I have been tasked with helping out anyone with general IT related problems as well as some larger projects that I will eventually be manager for.

The first day started out with a bang. One of the employees had a major problem with her Internet so I had to figure out what was causing the IP conflict that wasn’t allowing her Internet access. It took more than 3 hours to resolve. I was also assigned to rebuilding some of their older PC’s in order to make them faster and more reliable for showing a PowerPoint presentation on TV screens around the office. This proved to be easy as I have an extensive background in the matter.

The second day was a bit slower. I helped order a new Microsoft Action Pack, which allows a company or business access to a large amount of Microsoft software including Office 2010, Windows7/8, Sharepoint, SQL 2008, and Server 2011. To have access to all of this I had to take a test on behalf of the whole company to show it has adequate knowledge of the software in use.

The third and last day this week, I got to go around to each workstation and fix some settings on the software the company uses to go through CV’s and find a suitable match for an open position. The setting was crucial in making the program run faster as before it was running through all 20+ employees inboxes at the same time slowing it down, but with the simple change I made, it only checked through that one persons inbox, speeding it up tremendously.

In the future I will be rewiring their wire closet, rewiring each workstation, and helping with moving and updating their in-house servers. All of this is exactly what I had been learning about the past year and is awesome experience.