No Shoes, Same Service

In England by Eller Student

My organization is somewhat difficult to compare to typical US companies because of its unique structure. Within Other is a Client Services team, a Creative team, as well as a Finance team, all of which are each made up of about 2 – 7 members. The teams work in an individualistic manner in that they do their own work, although no one ever acts like it, and take credit for that individual work. However, it all gets molded together for the client because each department collectively works with each other to come up with ideas and please the client. Take a recent job: Client Services brought on a non-profit company wanting to help the equines that recently were taken out by a storm. The Creative team worked with them to find out exactly what they want in regards to message, display, content, etc. While the Finance team allocated the costs of each, as well as man-hours put in to come up with total costs.

There are distinct differences in how this is completed however. For example, today, my co-worker walked into a meeting with no shoes, just socks. Another instance was when everyone gathered around Nastasia’s desk to watch a hilarious YouTube video. Academically, I’ve picked up on the Muddle rule in that work is a priority, but is intertwined with light conversation and jokes. I received some input after telling my boss about this homework assignment and found out that she thought my humor was very dry and that I actually fit in. The non-exuberant, but joking manner, they conduct work in is very different from the stereotypical monotonous, “all work, no play” attitude of us Americans. Quite a refreshing difference if you ask me.