Omni Local Internship

In England by Eller Student

When I am given a task, no matter how small or big, I always take it very seriously because I never want to disappoint. I have always been this way, and until this week I saw it as one of my strengths. After learning that the workaholic attitude is frowned upon from class I started to notice the differences in John’s working style compared to mine. On Tuesday John and I checked up on the timeline for the comedy festival and he was shocked at how much I had already completed. He told me that he was expecting me to be done with what I already completed by August 7th!

After discussing what I had finished he asked me to create a letter to send to potential participants of the event. I was already half way done when John asked me to leave the office because it was too beautiful of a day to sit inside. At times I feel like the owner of the business and he is the carefree twenty year old studying abroad in London. When I offered to work on the memos at home John cut me off and told me not to worry about it until next week. He found it funny that I was offering to do more work then asked of me, but my previous bosses have always expected me to want to do more. I ended up doing more work from home but it was uplifting to not have a deadline. I was more focused on the quality rather then trying to cross it off my to do list for the day. I am glad John has forced me to relax during the introductory phase of this event because when the pressure builds I know I will continue to be focused.