Figuring out Business Aspects

In England by Eller Student


Last week John told me to prepare a forty-second pitch about Laugh Kingston to present at a lunch meeting. I assumed that I would be meeting a maximum of two potential sponsors for the event, but I was completely wrong. It was a networking event for a group called 4networking of which John is a member. I ended up meeting with a group of thirty and participating in one-on-one meetings with potential sponsors for our event. Although I was taken off guard by the structure of the meeting I am glad I was able to participate and more importantly I got to see the aftermath of the event.

Once everyone had left the venue John and other members sat down to discuss how to improve the meetings for the future. What I was most concerned with for their program was the way they ran the meeting. There was a group leader who would periodically transition us to the next task and read off an ipad like it was a handbook. Their entire discussion revolved around the importance of timing and when to serve food to the participants. I thought that their main concern should be on the experience of the event and how they can feel more connected to the people attending. The way they bounced off ideas was very informal and they liked to use sarcasm and criticize one another during the process. I found it to be ineffective and the issues they had were not solved by the time I left. What I took from this meeting was that regardless of what age or experience a person has in business there are still aspects of it that everyone is trying to figure out.