Running Business Completely Alone

In England by Eller Student

These last two weeks at Omni Local have been very interesting because I have gotten a better understanding of how John runs his business completely alone. Last weekend, the graphic designer went off the grid and John missed his printing deadline. John could not fire him until the job was complete because the he had all the magazine files, and not enough time to hire someone new.  Later, John explained to me that he had hired the designer to help him out in a time of need because they were friends. I believe that their friendship was a large contributor to the delay, and ultimately could have lost John a lot of clients.

Thus far my tasks have been preparation work for the comedy festival such as constructing a budget list and database for the comedians and venues we plan to target. I have learned more about the workplace environment because I am constantly listening to the phone calls and meetings held in the office while quietly working at my computer. John wants to do so much for his community while pursuing the goals of Omni Local but he lacks a trustworthy team of workers to help him with his ideas. The last two weeks have taught me that forming dependable contacts and professional relationships are crucial when starting your own business. I am hopeful that in the next couple of weeks John and I will begin networking the event around Kingston. I plan to use what I have learned to establish solid relationships with the venues and comedians before I leave in August.