One month down…One to go

In Spain by Eller Student

Now that I have been in Barcelona for a month, I feel like a local already. I use the metro every day and I actually know where i’m going. Since I am helping my boss create her architecture guiding business, we took a tour of uptown Barcelona and I was able to see a part of town that I never would have seen. During this tour, my boss also explained the history of Catalonia, and why there are different types of architecture in different parts of the city. This new information made me feel so much closer to this city and really makes me appreciate the design of the city more.

There are so many places in Barcelona that I never thought I would see or even knew existed. Who knew I would be at Camp Nou, or see the beautiful views of Park Guell and so many more. All of the experiences I have had in Barcelona so far have been amazing and I am so excited to see what the next and last month will bring.
-Devon Greenburg