Please Mind the Gap

In England by Eller Student

Lexi Silverman


Journal Entry #1

“This is a Circle Line train to Paddington.” That’s what I heard going to my first day of work and that’s when I realized that yes, I’m that American girl…. After all night worrying that I would take the wrong tube, my nightmare became a reality. I remembered the British saying, “keep calm and carry on,” and emulated the seasoned Brits surrounding me. I navigated my way through Paddington Station to the correct tube with my head held high and my Oyster card in hand. I arrived for my first day of work in Westbourne Park, fifteen minutes early. My first day of work in a foreign country may have not started off with a bang but boy, did I recover well.

My placement is with Blur Group, which is a global services exchange and crowd-sourced agency. My understanding is that they provide the means by which individuals and businesses can seek marketing, content, art, design, technology, innovation, accounting, and legal services from expert individuals and businesses. My boss is the head of Human Resources and she is American, oddly enough. I was put on the Exchange Support team, rather than the Marketing team, but I was told I would be doing marketing tasks.

My first day of work was very uneventful. I made a G-mail account for Blur Group in which I would correspond with my co-workers, receive assignments, and immerse myself into the four different sectors of the database system that Exchange Support works with. These include: Blur Designs, Marketing, Media, and Technology. I read some blogs in the databases that my co-workers had written, too. On the second day, I traced information of some “experts” that had been lost in the databases. The system is very complicated and takes awhile to become accustomed to. On the third day, which was a half day, I copied and pasted 515 email addresses one by one from a spreadsheet into another database system.

I find the work I am doing to be busy work and I find the environment awkward; my boss doesn’t talk to me and the co-worker that gives me assignments and acts as my boss doesn’t correspond with me much in person. Rather, she Google chats me to have a conversation while working. I don’t believe this company is the best fit for me; it is not where I saw myself working and I am not doing marketing assignments. I went in with an open mind, but I am hoping to have a change in placement.