The Pieces are Finally Falling into Place

In England by Eller Student

Kiley MacKay

Journal #4

19 July 2013



It’s finally coming together. Since my company has been in such a transit state since I started working for them, I had a hard time fully understanding how everything in FashAddict came together. At first, I was slightly discouraged that the different aspects of FashAddict seemed to be individualistic. However after being with the company for over a month now, the pieces are finally falling into place and I believe that I now have a much clearer understanding of how all these different branches of Fashaddict all come together as one. I now understand the importance of being observant and patient when first starting with a company and being slow to judge the way that they my chose to operate. Just because it looks chaotic and unorganized, doesn’t always mean it is.

I found our lecture in class today to be very interesting in regards to how different strengths and weaknesses can be not only on our classroom but in our individual work environments as well. I believe that this is very important to keep in mind when coming into new jobs. After taking the test my self and discovering my own strengths and weaknesses, I would be very interested to have my fellow co-workers take the test and see what there strengths and weaknesses would be. I would argue that having everyone in my office take this test would be a good way for us to better understand how each of us process things as individuals.