Real Things Just Get Started

In China by Eller Student

I admit that part the reason I came to Hong Kong this summer is because I want to have fun here. I treated this two months internship as a vocation before the first day of working, or even until two weeks ago.

My attitude about this internship turned two weeks ago, after a conversation with my boss. It was a really comfortable chatting in a cafe downstair our office. I told him that I don’t believe in working for others, and my career goal is to have my own business. My boss really appreciated my point of view and stated to change my tasks to some thing related to entrepreneurship, which is something I really want to learn and do.

My boss own an Advertising Company and a Brand that selling tea. Beside that, He wants to start selling Nutrilon Milk Powder to China. Different than many other Milk Powder in Mainland China, His milk powder will directly ship from Holland. During the past two weeks, I was helping my boss to build up the Online Shop model and Manage the Taobao (Chinese version EBAY) account. I learned from what I did and I started to enjoy on this Summer Internship.