Reflections on Work

In China by Eller Student

By: Kevin Chai

Today marked the first day of my last week in Hong Kong. For my previous blogs, I have written about what I have been doing outside of work, I think an introspection about my job might be a good way to end things. The company I worked for this summer, was PassKit. PassKit is a tech startup that focuses on developing, managing, and distributing content for Apple’s mobile wallet app, Passbook. My role in the company was to serve as an Accounting/Finance specialist. I spent the first half of the summer dealing with accounting based issues that PassKit faced and the second half of the summer I focused more on the finance related aspects.

The two co-founders of PassKit, Nick Murray and Paul Tomes, pushed me to improve every day of my internship. Some days I succeeded. Other days, I fell short. However, I always felt as though I was in an environment that encouraged growth and self improvement and for that I am extremely grateful. Looking back, the two things I feel most proud about are: developing a cloud based accounting system to transfer PassKit’s paper records over to, and creating a Investment Deck template to be used in future investment rounds. That being said, what made my summer internship great was not the work I was doing, but the people I worked with. The impression they have made on me, will influence my professional life for years to come

Below is a picture of the two UA interns with one of the cofounders, Paul Tomes! Adam is on the left, Paul in the middle, and I am on the right.

Work Photo