In Spain by Eller Student

By John Donovan

Last weekend our group decided to go to Pamplona for the annual running of the bulls festival. This was without doubt the craziest experience I have had on this trip. The first day of the festival was the opening ceremony. I could not believe how packed the city was and how everyone was wearing the exact same white outfit. Once the mayor announced the beginning of the festival the city center erupted in cheers, cava and sangria. In fact, at the beginning of the festival I was wearing all white and by the end of the day my outfit was pink. Once the opening ceremony came to an end all of us could not wait for the next day ahead of us when we would run with the bulls. It was a Sunday morning and we had to wake up at 4AM to get into the city on time. The running of the bulls started at 8AM and we crammed into the starting line around 7. Once the first cannon went off that signaled that the bulls have been released I wondered if I had made a good decision. Then the second cannon went off to signal that the bulls were on the track and by that time it was to late so I just sprinted off with the rest of the mob. Once the bulls passed me and I went sprinting after them I knew I was safe and I was happy with my decision to run with the bulls. This truly was an experience of a life time and a great story that I will always be able to tell.

Running with the Bulls