Finger Injury

In England by Eller Student

This week of work has gone unfortunately slow which is surprising considering I have been kept quite busy with tasks. On Monday during my lunch break I decided to do a little shopping on Camden Market and experienced the unfortunate event of cutting my finger upon a metal hanger. Not thinking it was going to be too bad of a cut I continued to shop until I saw a large stream of blood flowing down my hand from my pointer finger. I rushed to the nearest café to grab some napkins to help stop the bleeding before I made it to Boots to get some stuff to clean up my wound. When I arrived to Boots the pharmacist assisted I go get a stitch but told her I would rather wait it out to see if that was really necessary. I ended up not getting stitches but I did however get the rest of the day off from work. This would be the second time I have had a finger injury since I’ve been in London. The first time I wasn’t so lucky since I did have to end up getting stitches. Anyway, that happened. When I came into work on Tuesday all the employees as well as my bosses were quite concerned for me and how I was and I was very appreciative for their concern. I realized I work with a group of lovely and kind hearted people and I am very fortunate for that. I also noticed someone different working near me on Tuesday. He is a middle aged English man and I must say he isn’t hard on the eyes. I hope he is working in the office more often. I bet it’s a onetime thing but we shall see. There is a lot of construction occurring right now at the Cecil Sharp House due to the fact that they are installing a lift. Everyone is quite exciting about this because there are six flights of stairs we have to walk up to get to the top office. However, the lift will not be officially installed until mid-Autumn so there will be some noise for some time. Everyone has a good sense of humour about it and I enjoy listening to their conversations of how the renovating is going. I have noticed a big culture change that the Brits have is that they feel awful comfortable talking about their personal lives during work. They talk about their kids, going out to the pub after work, their vacation plans etc. I am not used to that in my work environment in the states however, I really enjoy that they do that. I am personally a very open and talkative person so the fact that they all share their personal lives with each other is really nice in my opinion.