First Impression

In England by Eller Student

Shayna Morgan

June 21st, 2013

Journal Entry #1


My first impression of The Rebecca Hossack Gallery was their mix of contemporary artwork assorted with functional pieces allowing for a suitable work places. All three floors of the building are connected with a spiral staircase, which compliments the open work environment that the company produces. My internship is specifically managed by Tizzy, who is the art gallery director. She not only manages the daily tasks of the art gallery, but also manages the events and shows regarding Rebecca’s other galleries and side projects. Under her guidance, I was given duties that regarded editing company contracts, learning how to correctly enter invoices into the new data system, and creating specific excel documents that were to be used for managing employee schedules and different event information. Although there are multiple job positions within the company, no one is subject to one definite assignment. People are constantly switching and moving to Rebecca’s other galleries, helping each other with projects regarding the new website design, and even the cleaning and watering of Rebecca’s terrace garden is a job done by all. The gallery owner, Rebecca Hossack, is not the typical Londoner. Her bubbly and cheerful personality outshines most of the employees that work throughout the galleries. Although very busy traveling to and from her London galleries, she also travels to New York and other European countries searching for new artistic talent. I sat down with her to discuss my future ambitions within the art world and my internship position. She gave great advice on employment opportunities, but gave little insight about my role within the company. It should be interesting to see what roles I will be experiencing during the weeks ahead.