London’s International Work Ethic

In England by Eller Student

Shayna Morgan

July 5th, 2013

Journal Entry #2


The longer I spend working at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery, the more I learn about small business operations and London’s international work ethic. My weeks in London have showed me a major difference in the levels of customer service between the United States and the UK. English businesses seem to be more focused on their business than customer service. In the Rebecca Hossack Gallery, customer service seems to be their first priority. This week two new artists are being showcased in both of Rebecca’s galleries, and the whole office made extra effort to make both artist feel special and welcomed. I personally had to make arrangements for specific art pieces that Rebecca insisted on being showcased in the exhibition, as well as find artworks that had disappeared in the gallery’s large and disorganized storage space.

Besides understanding the importance of customer service in the business industry, I also encountered a new gallery exhibition installation. There are many steps that involve introducing a new artists’ work into the gallery. My main focus was to clear out and organize the old artwork. Not only did I learn how to properly wrap and pack each art piece, but I also had to separate the sold and unsold artworks and coordinate shipping and delivery services to customers. I was glad that I could apply my organizational skills to improve the efficiently of the transferring exhibitions. For the weeks ahead, I plan on becoming more involved with the Gallery’s private events and art shows.