Cultural Differences

In England by Eller Student

Shayna Morgan

Journal Entry #3



Cultural Differences

As my internship experience moves forward, the cultural differences between the American and foreign workplace seems more transparent. Although thoroughly enjoying my position with the Rebecca Hossack Gallery, my additional task this week was to observe my coworkers’ working habits and see how they personally conduct themselves in a professional setting. The Rebecca Hossack Gallery also goes beyond the stereotypical English business, for the employees that work at the gallery come from all parts of the world. The owner herself is Australian, and her cheerful “in-your-face” demeanor is immediately noticed when first meeting her. She can easily be compared to American businesswomen, who is constantly busy and makes work a significant portion of her life. The gallery director is from Italy, and although she has lived in London for over 10 years, she still brings cultural differences into the gallery as well.

The biggest variance from a modern American business culture that I’ve noticed at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery is their lack of urgency within the workplace. Not saying that tasks aren’t getting completed, but they are not getting done in a timely manner. My boss even asked me to slow down while I was working because she was afraid she was going to run out of things for me to do. Everyone takes lunch at around the same time, making the gallery feel almost deserted from around 12:00 to 2:00. The employees will also make watering the plants a priority over calling an interested client back to talk about a potential sale.