Importance of Networking

In England by Eller Student

Shayna Morgan


Journal Entry No. 4

Importance of Networking

            In the worldwide realm of business ventures, social networking is a key component for a successful career in business administration. This week at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery, I have been zoning in on how social networking plays a role within this specific art gallery and the art industry in general. As I continue to update the twenty-five years worth of invoices, I am forced to examine each individual invoice with scrutiny to accurately represent this information into the new data system. Although seeming tedious and repetitive, I’ve not only realized the global scale of Rebecca’s clientele, but her close relations with the businesses around the Fitzoria Square area.

Rebecca showed the power of positive social networking skills by merging with Gail’s, a chain bakery located throughout most of the London boroughs. Rebecca’s friendship with the company allowed her to create specialized exhibits at each of the bakeries, which allowed for an expanded viewing audience and created more space to showcase her artists that were not located in the main galleries. Growing one’s business is a global common initiative, and Rebecca’s gallery has effectively displayed how social networking can play a role in business expansion.

Rebecca’s business connections also give me more insight into new job roles within the art community. I personally had to deliver art pieces to a government agency that buys British art to place within museums or British embassies around the world. These subtle connections and realizations will help guide me through unexplored career options.