A Pragmatic Learner

In England by Eller Student

Shayna Morgan

International Internship Course

Mike Villiers-Stuart

August 1st, 2013


Journal No. 5

            The Learning Styles Questionnaire, created by Peter Honey and Alan Mumford in 1992, gives significant insight into my own personal learning style. I am considered a heavily pragmatic learner, with the scores and diagram signifying my need to be hands on with my daily routine. A pragmatic learner is described as a hands-on ‘doer’, learning best when evaluating efficiency through trial and error. By using proper analysis of case studies and theoretical ideas, pragmatic learners use those tools to create and develop ways in which ideas can be applied to the everyday work environment.

Researching pragmatic characteristics, I was able to can distinguish definite similarities between pragmatic descriptions and the way I carry out my role within the  Gallery. Rebecca’s gallery is experiencing major changes in job roles, organization, and technology. A changing business is a perfect environment for this type of learning strategy. My position allows me to suggest and witness changes that affect the performance of the business. I can implement these new theories and ideas, and determine their effectiveness based on the improvements they provide the company.

This week I was able to work alongside the gallery art handler to create a new summer exhibition for their smaller gallery. I learned about the gallery’s art esthetics by hanging different artists’ work. This process is long due to the amount of art pieces and the gallery’s limited wall space. Through creative thought and newly learned visual techniques, I was able to help complete a new artistic exhibition.