Spanish Gastronomy by Marlene Diaz

In Spain by Eller Student

Time is going by fast and it is crazy to think that we only have twenty six days left here in Barcelona. There is so much that I want to do before I leave, including tasting as many restaurants, pastries and traditional Spanish foods. Like in the United States, in Barcelona you can find a large variety of cuisines. So far I have mostly tried foods from other cultures and not so much from the traditional Spanish gastronomy.

The few typical Spanish dishes I have tried are payeya, patatas bravas and gazpacho soup. In Spain, bread is commonly used for many meals. One of my favorite Spanish breads is the chocolate croissant that I usually have for breakfast before heading to work. When it comes to drinks, sangria is the popular wine drink that you see everywhere. Of the other cuisines, my favorite restaurant is Tlaxcal which is a Mexican restaurant. I have also enjoyed the many pizzerias and the wide variety of pizzas they have. With the time I have left in this program, I hope to continue exploring more of the Spanish food and all of the other foods offered in Barcelona.


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