Taking a Breather

In China by Eller Student

Last week during work I had a moment of serenity that helped put some parts of my life in perspective. The work day started off like any other, with the long, cramped commute to my workplace in Sheung Wan. However, the day took a slight turn when we, the three other interns and I, found ourselves locked out of the office. The result was that we had a rather relaxed morning.

To pass the time we began to take company photos of the staff and interns present, something we had been planning on doing for some time. The setting for the photos was a little park next to my office. Sitting in this little green space, surrounded by the concrete skyscrapers, I realized the importance of taking time to unwind and relax. During my little break in the park, I sat and watched the world rush by. I saw businessmen rushing to their next meeting, delivery boys weaving through traffic, and coolies unload their goods into storefronts. Despite all their frantic bustle, I wondered if any of them would truly suffer if they took 5 minutes out of their busy schedule to sit in a park and watch the world go by.

Skyscraper and Park