The Adult Life

In China by Eller Student

By Chelsea Goergen

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Being in Hong Kong is an experience in and of itself, and being able to work here as well is an opportunity of a lifetime. I have never had a full time job before, so working 8 hours a day has been tough but valuable to me. Not only do I get the full experience of working a full time job but I also get to experience in another country. Being able to work in another country with people from all over the world has open my eyes to things I never thought I would be able to experience. I am learning new things everyday, not just about the business world but about other cultures and traditions as well.

Though I do not know much about working a full time job as an intern in the U.S., I feel as though I am very involved in this company as though I am an actual employee. I have been able to learn not only to do the things in my background, which is finance, but open my eyes to marketing, supplying and much more. This opportunity to be able to apply myself in another country has really pushed me to become more of an independent person and I cannot wait to see what the future holds after this amazing experience.

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