The End Has Come

In Spain by Eller Student

As I right you this last blog it comes from my home in California on at 1: 30 in the morning or 10: 30 am Barcelona time. As I have been home for a couple of days things and situations are so much different. Water is free, I am not hearing Spanish around me all of the time, and the ocean is not a train ride away. People always say that you never miss something until your away from it, and I have to say that is true in the situation.

Spain was absolutely great to me and my development as a professional. I had to deal with situations that put me on the spot and made me think for myself. Going out for lunch was a necessity everyday because that was how Spanish people did it. Everyday lunch would be from two in the afternoon to four. Towards the middle of July people would come up to me and ask me questions, and I gave them an answer like I had been living in Barcelona my whole life. My internship ended well with my boss really liking my presentation and writing me a letter of recommendation. I met people form all over the world and established relationships that could benefit my future. As I go back to school in the fall it will be nice to see all of my friends as I have missed them dearly. Nothing can take away my memories that I have from Barcelona, and by far one of the best summers I have had developing into the person that I want to be.