The Final Days

In England by Eller Student

As the last two weeks approached I could not believe how quickly the summer went by.  It seemed like just days before I was on my flight here and now I’m just a few days away from going home.  I started to create a list of things I wanted to do before I left.  Many items on my list were restaurants that I either enjoyed previously or wanted to go to again.

One thing on my list however was to go to a cliff jumping spot that is a little off the path.  After taking the MTR subway to Fo Tan station we quickly found a cab driver to take us to the trailhead. He said he never heard of the place we were going and was actually surprised when it existed after asking for directions seven different times.  After hiking two hours we came to the cliff jump.  It was a beautiful waterfall with cliff for jumping next to it into the most blue and refreshing water.  On my last jump I dropped my camera where it sank 20 ft down to the bottom.  I tried over and over again to find it and with the help of others giving me goggles and a flashlight I was able to find it resting at the bottom of the stream 40 minutes after I had lost it.  This was an unbelievable end to the day and an amazing one to end the trip on.  Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 12.12.54 PM