Time is Going Too Fast

In Spain by Eller Student

Last week I began doing all the touristy things in Barcelona that I have yet to do. With only two weeks and only one weekend left on this amazing experience, I felt I needed to begin. So far I have seen some of the coolest architecture I have every seen. The buildings designed by Gaudi are incredible. Sagrada Familia is an incredible feet of a church and still under construction and will be for several more years. The apartment buildings designed by him are incredibly interesting to look at as well, as some have balconies that look like masks and others have waves throughout the concrete.

I have really enjoyed working in Barcelona and am excited to go home, but sad to leave this amazing place. Barcelona has allowed me to experience parts of the world I have never been to and because of this I have been able to see how the different work culture in Barcelona compares to that in the USA, while allowing me to use my interpersonal skills to relate and communicate with my fellow coworkers and supervisors.

I have take a page out of Farris Bueller’s book these last two weeks and listen to what he said: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”