In China by Eller Student

—————————————————————————————————- By Xi Luo ———————

     Blog 4-1I experienced much in my company within this period, which made me very happy and excited. During these several weeks, I still primarily worked with that CPA to learn accounting and auditing stuff. I learnt more detailed Hong Kong auditing rules. Besides, I understood more about what our clients usually really want to through doing real cases. I realized that we need to check several times and think more to reduce the errors that our clients can point out to be as little as possible. The clients always want us to do the best of the best when doing their projects, so we need to consider more. In addition, I learnt that we need to think much by ourselves firstly. The clients won’t accept our request of explanations about some detailed documents if we didn’t attempted to organize by ourselves firstly. Therefore, I need to become a more independent thinker for being a better “worker”.

     Moreover, I feel that I will miss Hong Kong very much when I need to leave because I had some good friends here. During these days, I met many schoolmates, Blog 4-6new friends from other universities; we played and chat together. We visited many places, tasted various kinds of delicious food, and played cards together. Furthermore, my boss and colleagues are also very nice and helpful; they taught me much about my work and local customs and gave me many recommendations about good places and delicious food. These will become part of my unforgotten memories!