Viviendo en Barcelona By Jeff Hurley

In Spain by Eller Student

Living in Barcelona for the past month has been an incredible experience so far! I can’t believe I’m half way through my trip. Everyday I learn something new about this city. The lifestyle here is different compared to the US. I use public transportation to get to work and to explore the rest of the city. The metro is fast, clean and always runs on time. Resulting from using public transportation comes with a ton of walking. I walk everywhere in the city and its a great way to explore and find new things. It is a huge difference compared to just driving your own car wherever you need to go.

Bellaterra Metro Stop

When I explore the city I like to stop and try different restaurants. There are tons of little restaurants scattered everywhere! Barcelona is known for their tapas, paella, seafood, and sangria. I have already found some favorite spots which I will be going back too. The meals here are very relaxed and take usually over an hour or so. Lunch and dinner are also at much later times in the day. The busy dinner time here is around 10:00pm! So far I have liked most of the food I have tried! Here are some pictures of what I’ve had to eat!