We Aren’t in America Anymore

In England by Eller Student

Almost immediately I noticed the different work ethic of the English. Not to deem their work ethic as lazy but they definitely have a different style. Their day is not all about work but as long as they get it done by the end of the day, they are free to choose their spare time, as they feel fit. This past Wednesday, I was conversing with the Finance apprentice, who is 19 years old. We always talk about the differences between America and the UK, whether it is candy bars or education. I’ve asked about work and he finds data entry, invoice requests, and the somewhat monotonous and similar tasks to be boring. I find this interesting because he still wants to pursue a 6-year process to become a chartered accountant. Not only did I find out that what I’m mostly doing is accounting work but that the English did not view work as a top priority but only as a source of income to continue living. Both my boss and the apprentice get in about half an hour later than me and go on their lunch break when they please. In my past jobs, I am used to being assigned a lunch hour, making it hard to get used to just getting up and leaving. Everyone is so lax about everything until it is time for getting stuff done. When they gather to meet with a potential client, they strategically plan and brainstorm. Within the finance department, it is purely managing expenses and income, which is again, more accounting based. I can tell that they are more serious because one mistake and the statements can be altered, so being on our game is essential.