What is it You Really Want?

In England by Eller Student

It can be noted, that in the work place and other social settings, John Collard – CEO and Co-Founder of Sports Impact Ltd. – holds much of an ascribed power in the eyes of colleagues and clients due to his accredited accomplishments in the PR and marketing industry. His ascribed power essentially pertains to his noteworthy accomplishment of establishing the UK’s first dedicated PR agency, helping to grow some of the most successful brands and events in sports. In coming to terms with this, being one of only three employees under John Collard, I realize that I am now accountable for a major part in maintaining his reputable name. This concept empowers me as much as it hinders me. Every time he assigns a task for me to complete, I feel compelled to complete it in a manner that will reflect his prominent work. However, when John assigns me tasks, his requests are indirect and unclear. This makes it difficult for me to complete tasks in an effective and efficient manner. Several times I have handed him reports that he dismisses, saying my efforts are misdirected and not targeted for his desires. The irony is, he never tells me what he wants. At least not until I turn in a draft that gets ridiculed, thus allowing me to pick clues out of his lecturing dialogue to guide me in a new blind direction. Fortunately, the second or third time is usually a charm. Hopefully, by the end of the program I will begin to see the unguided path he intends for me.