Where Should We Eat This Time?

In China by Eller Student

In Hong Kong there are so many food options it’s almost overwhelming.  They have different cuisine’s from all over the world.  Thai, Japanese, and of course Chinese food are the most abundant here and can be found on almost any street.  Thai food is always what you choose when you want curry, the spices and sauces are incredible.  Ramen and other types of noodles are more in the Japanese direction, usually based in a bowl with pork broth or soy broth.  Chinese food is mostly based around rice dishes, with Pork being the most popular topping.

Besides the three mentioned above, I have also eaten American, Mexican, Indian, Italian, and Greek food while being here.  The American food is very mediocre compared to the U.S., besides McDonald’s which is way better here.  Some of the other American chains in Hong Kong are: Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Subway, KFC, and Outback Steakhouse.  7/11 Convenience stores are like finding gum on an American sidewalk…Everywhere!  I was shocked to see so many but they offer a great selection of drinks and snacks.

Here is a picture of the meal I had this past weekend.  It is Sauteed Cabbage with Salted Pork, very good and healthy as well!

photo (1)