Wondering to be a Local

In China by Eller Student

-Shunchen Cao

Staying at Hong Kong for almost three months like the Hong Kong citizen, I try to adopt myself involve in their culture. Of course sometimes I have to push my way through the crowd during the peak time. It causes me to think what is the local people lives look like, do they feel high pressure. With these questions, I talked to my colleagues in the past weeks from their works to their families.  Everyone is working so hard at here in order to earn enough money to support their families. I remembered once my coworker told me he spent his whole afternoon to wait his customers without doing anything. You can imagine how big pressure they must face.


For the middle class Hong Kong citizen, they usually cooked by themselves instead of eating in the restaurant. There are many of them take their lunch boxes which is their last night leftover. They also told me local people seldom go to those shopping plazas like Tsim Sha Shui, Causeway Bay because they have to control their costs within budgets.  Actually the average price rises a lot because more out-state people shopping in Hong Kong. One of my colleagues complained to me the even infant milk price increase twice because too many visitors shopping in here.

Even living under this high pressure, many of Hong Kong citizen still enjoy their lives. They take a short holiday every year to travel surrounding countries such as Mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan. Many public holidays like one hundred is their relax time as well.