A Cross-Communicator

In England by Eller Student

This place, Great Britain, has taught me more than I ever expected it to. I came here close-minded with no idea what to expect and even ignorant to cultures abroad. In fact, I didn’t even know which way to look before crossing the road when I first arrived in London. I cannot count how many times I’ve almost been ‘taken out’ by double-decker buses due to my incompetent ability to look right, not left. I’ve adapted though, not only to the norms of UK’s society, but also into a competent employee within the British workplace. The first few weeks of work was a struggle. Not because I didn’t understand my boss’s vague indirect orders coupled with his quirky dry British humor, but mostly because I didn’t understand my company’s purpose. I understood they were a PR company representing clients within the sport industry, but it was unclear how they created value for clients. However, it only took seven weeks of struggle and one organizational analysis report to understand Sports-Impact’s place in the marketing/PR industry. Reflecting on this, I was also able to grasp a better understanding of my position within the company, and my role as a beneficiary to the company. Once I was able to make the connection between my company’s purpose and the tangible benefits I could potentially offer, I was able to complete tasks in a one directional manner resulting in reports that were concise and effective. All in all, this work experience has taught me how to adapt to new business cultures through cross-communicational training, something I will continue to exercise in jobs to come.