In England by Eller Student

Brandon Hecke

Journal 5

July 31, 2013

Reflection 5

            Throughout the past two weeks I have felt very frustrated.  In many ways, it is beginning to feel like my boss’s authority is shifting from that of achievement to that of ascription.  Though Ian works very hard and seems to generally treat people the right way, he seems to have a sense of undeserved power.  Within the structure of the company, his achievements pale in comparison to those of the sales team, but he conducts himself in a manner in which one would think he is an executive.  This affects me in a number of ways both positive and negative.  Working with him gives me a sense of confidence and responsibility, but his sometimes-unrealistic expectations and inefficient methods often frustrate me.  Furthermore, Ian appears to fully take pride in the fact that he has a lot of people that report to him, which also seems to give him a boosted sense of self-worth and accomplishment.

In regards to the culture at VHR, I have slowly viewed a shift in the individualistic manner in which the company was run.  Over the past months, 5 people have left the company for a variety of reasons.  In response to this, management has been pushing an internal marketing campaign to promote company unity and collectiveness.  It appears that they are pushing a “we are in this together” type of mentality and mindset to their employees.  Slowly but surely, people are beginning to act and behave more collectively as time has progressed.  For example, the sales team had a meeting this week in which many of their members shared accounts with one another based location, profession, and experience.  Previously, all the sales members would have hoarded all their accounts even if they were not going to close them.  Ultimately, this has had no significant effect on me as a marketing intern, but watching the internal interactions between management and their employees has taught me invaluable lessons on how to treat employees and promote an agenda within an organization.